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S02e22 features Markings back as co-host as he and Mike welcome Stephen Malhotra aka Punjabi Playboy aka PJPB aka PJ aka Double P aka Spook One to the podcast! They kick things off by getting to know PJ as Mike calls him a little before talking Drake’s influence and beigeness. Moving forward Markings and Spook play Mike’s Hot Take Invitational (First Annual) where they hot take against one another while Mike arbitrates before they talk whether charisma is king in rap and hit Top of the Hour and answer some questions. The gang discusses the Montreal music scene, who’s popping out here and then the problems inherent to art in Quebec before Double P starts his self-portrait and gets deep about his content. Mike and PJPB recall an internet incident they once had over some of PJPB’s work, Markings spills tea about blocked opportunities for Montreal rap radio and Spook shares his major daily needs. The group discusses why Montreal rap struggles to find its place, how to come to terms with front facing camera usage and how they want to be remembered/eulogized before talking top humans on earth. To close out they talk spicy takes on Montreal music and the pursuit of happiness, really.

Miguel - Girls Like You
YNW Melly - Murder On My Mind
Tree - Pimp C Freestyle
Gabor Szabo - The Divided City
Mos Def - Life is Real