Our new shit! This track might have the fastest turnaround from creation to release we've ever had. Which is dope cause the last song was probably more than five years old. Think about that. That shit's ridiculous. I made this beat after deciding that none of the songs we have stashed were the "right" song, which means it was a furious session (in either late january or early february - whatever) fueled by wine, weed, and ghosts. I recall pretty much finishing it (80%)  before i either got discouraged or bored, which despite sometimes being the same thing, in this case was not. It does occur to me the absurdity of making such a fine distinction when i don't remember which one, but here we are. I left the studio and cast the whole ordeal aside and by the time i showed up to the studio the next morning jay had pretty much written this whole shit right here. If you're wondering what the sound effects at the beginning and end are, let me set the scene...

1. Snowstorm

2. Space


3. Imploding into a black hole

4. Snowstorm again

Also, if you're wondering if the track is available for purchase somewhere, motherfucker it's available for purchase everywhere. 

Oh sh********t, it's not often that something this good comes to you. Shouts to my lady for making me listen to this, this sh*t feels kind of special right here. If you don't run this back a few times than either you're tripping or I am and since I'm generally aware of when I've consumed drugs*, it would be you. All I know is he's from austin and he's got an album from nine months back that I refuse to listen to because I want this to be the beginning. If austin isn't behind this motherf**ker than I'm coming down there. Did I mention he produced the track too? or that he co-produced the matt mcghee joint I posted a week back?

* I got dosed with some acid by a cowboy biker one time when I was on tour. It was hella unnecessary because I would have gladly taken it if he'd just offered it.

Montreal baby. At this point these motherf**kers are probably my favorite producers out of the city, which is wild because I'm pretty sure they're a band. I was trying to figure out what exactly it is that I love about their beats and after pondering it, I decided that other than just good sounds and melodies, they got a good sense of space and dynamics and sh*t like that. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm definitely going to try to get a beat out of these dudes. 

This sh*t sounded right from pretty much jump. The other day I was thinking about this general vibe of paranoia that pervades rap at the moment. I was trying to figure out where it came from, or like figure out the origin point or whatever. Then I realized it's all the funny style people you end up encountering when you're a rapper. Like so many different kinds of weirdos man. Brampton!

Oh sh*t, the dream stomping on these motherf**kers. I'm not going to front, I think we all know that one instrumental break shouldn't have made the cut, I'm definitely going to make myself an edit without that. This sh*t is still great though. He's embracing the current ideology of not having the most polished takes which adds a dope rawness to it. There's just something beautiful about "Ima love you, all the way to my tomb, ima love you all the way to the moon" over some sci fi metallic brass band sh*t. Plus it really sounds like he means it on the "if we don't make it that'll be tragic" part.

If this isn't beautiful then I don't know what the f**k is. Is it a song about manual sex? Is it a song about masturbation? you'll have to come to your own conclusions about all that. If you're still feeling it at fifty four seconds then goddamnit are you in for a treat. I wish I could say more but it's hard to concentrate while I keep playing it. I think I might go full fifty cent/busta rhymes/lil wayne and jump on this motherf**ker.

Maryland sh*t.  This is a jam right here. Beautiful stuff really. The sample is crazy. The rapping is a+. Not to be confused with "the rapper is a+"*

* I used to love this joint. Which was hard for me cause I was hella tight over a+  being only a couple years older than me with a record deal. I was tripping as an eleven year old. Also check az dropping "quebec" in it, though he mispronounces it like a motherf**ker.

Daaaaamn. Face is still doing it. One of the very greatest right here. Probably the number one reason I overuse the word "motherf**ker". Also the main reason I have antiquated notions of codes and such. I was ten when my mother incredulously allowed me to pick up his "diary" album. I don't think I've been the same since. I was the annoying kid who'd say "y'all are tripping, scarface is the god" when other kids would debate biggie and nas. It's funny how you would never know face has aged by listening to him, and not because he's clinging to some sad last shriveled strand of youth but because he's always seemed old as sh*t. Hahahahaha, that's the ticket I think. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that z-ro kills that f**king chorus.