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Episode 19, Rehabitation, kicks off with talk of the virtues of country living and then the virtues of escaping it when it’s trying to kill you. Mike and Jay talk actors-cum-musicians and vice versa, men’s accoutrements for anti-ageing and the double-standard when it comes to men and women getting older. They talk Dutch atrocities, whether Jay being an awful fisherman = failed masculinity and baseball cards before Top of the Hour kicks in and they get serious about R Kelly and personal issues. Jay gives us a lil rundown of what he’s got going on, they talk Boogie Cousin’s controversial decision and Mike brings in Marc Maron to support his disdain for kiddie culture. Mike and Jay get real-ish about addiction and what lies beneath, talk right-wing warriors, keeping sex stuff out of the studio and then just sex stuff. To close out, Mike makes the distinction between intelligence and education and gives sage advice regarding change. Laaaasers!

Zed Nkabinde - Ikonjane Jivve
Jay Rock - Knock it Off
Reesa Montana - Everlasting Light (Cover)
Rae Sremmurd - Chanel (Featuring Pharrell)
GRIP - Culdesac (Featuring Ahyes)