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Ooooo shoot Lasers on the Ride is back for another season!! To kick off episode 1 the Lasers rank various talk show hosts against the Carson Daly benchmark before Jay reveals the dirty secret that he watches unboxing videos on youtube. They discuss their early stabs at rapping and talk why someone might re-use a freestyle verse or Jay Leno might and did re-use material for an entire career. They critique theme songs that Jay made for season 2 that don’t make the grade and argue about how uncomfortable you need to be in a cabin for it to fulfill cabin requirements. They discuss Diddy on Drink Champs where he made Fab (-O-L-O-U-S) and Jadakiss uncomfy and the circumstances under which they would grave rob. They round the episode out wondering whether worms can be mutilated or are in fact already mutilated, whether Russia controls the internet and whether everything is everything and how much of everything there is (infinity???).

Mase - Welcome Back
Snoop Dogg - Doggfather (album)
Daz Dillinger & WC - Late Nite
Nelly - Down in da Water

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