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In this episode of LOTR (oh man, like Lord of the Rings – never use this acronym) the Lasers discuss Rihanna vs. Teairra Mari, Rihanna’s many hits and also her general queendom. Jay reflects on hours spent researching elderly strangers’ prescription medication (to what end? you decide) and introduces the idea that the guy in “Limitless” is just taking adderal. Speaking of the elderly (jk jk), Def Squad members are discussed, Mike puts Akil onto Hurricane G and Jay wonders about Erick Sermon’s brush with a window. The Lasers move on to such hot topics as club etiquette (fingers in the face is a no-no), mumblerap and its founding father (none other than 50 Cent, they posit) and BET uncut. The subject of durags emerges, specifically as durags relate to Memphis Bleek and then more generally how they relate to us all. Captain America is painted as hero by Akil, villain by Jay, and as a possible and probable racist by Mike. The Lasers push through and nearly broach country music, but stop just shy and settle for just listing country music artist names. Akil does, however, manage a mean spaghetti western whistle. Mike talks his love for Florida as Akil and Jay reflect on their fear of Florida. Finally, as the conversation winds down, Mike claims to enunciate but doesn’t.

Keith Sweat - Twisted
Cannonhead - Lasers on the Ride
Rihanna - If It's Loving That You Want
Some Japanese Video Game Shit
Hurricane G - Boricua Mami
Erick Sermon - Tell Em' (Featuring Keith Murray and Roz)
Bounty Killer - Benz & Bimma
Bounty Killer - Change Just Like The Weather (Featuring Busta Rhymes & Junior Reid)
50 Cent - I'm the Man (Featuring Sonny Digital)
Memphis Bleek - Round Here (Featuring T.I. and Trick Daddy)