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S02e38 welcomes rapper / producer Maky Lavender to the podcast to chat about music and life and stuff :)) It opens with Maky giving us a little lesson into letting go before everyone talks why clothing used to be xtra large in hip hop and why it’s annoying when people won’t just let you live. They agree that guys are gross and talk just how robot sex can get before taking a closer look at the evolution of what’s acceptable when shooting a shot. They talk what issss cool, why porn at a young age is a problem and why some dudes just can’t achieve sex before Maky shares how clout is benefiting his love life. They wonder why someone would date anyone way younger before hitting Top of the Hour to get through some questions and talking the ubiquity of cocaine. They discuss over-indulging and detail their artist rider before Mike goes through his podcast notes and they take a closer look at sexual behaviour. Maky takes a crack at a self-portrait, talks getting bullied as a youngin and generously shares a demo that he’s been working on. To close out, they talk gaslighting and share some getting the short end of the stick stories before Maky tells us about what’s coming up next. Lasers baby!    

Kodak Black - Take One
Fat Joe - No Drama (Clap and Revolve)
Nick Brewer - Ronaldo
Bbymutha - Diy
Maky Lavender - Pussy Coat (Working Title)