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Happy early-Holidays yall! We’ve got a Christmas episode dropping next Monday, but to celebrate (and give you a little context for next week), we’re sharing last season’s Christmas special. Listen in to hear where it all starts to unravel. Here’s the original description. See you next week :)

“Merry Christmas from Lasers on the Ride!!! The episode kicks off with the introduction of a drinking game and discussions of good and bad presents of yesteryear. The gang discusses the tradition and each Laser’s respective plans for the holiday and then traumatic Christmas experiences from their youth. They broach the rules of secret santa and whether picking your own name and following through with a gift for yourself makes you a sociopath, in which case the Lasers are 2 for 4. They exchange gifts and KC’s mom videochats in and sings Little Drummer Boy for yall before KC drops a Christmas freestyle. They phone some friends to wish them a Merry Christmas and close the stuff out with Eazy-E’s Christmas album.”