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S02e37 welcomes perfumer Dana El Masri, owner of Parfums Jazmin Sarai, who just so happens to be the significant other of Markings, to talk all things coupledom and also other stuff with Markings and Mike and Brittain. It kicks off with talk of polygamy, marriages of convenience and the different iterations of love before moving on to using emotion to sell stuff and whether it's acceptable to love your grandparents. Markings explores his ability to New York, Mike and Brittain take stock of their relationship and share some insight into surviving the lows in a longterm union and everyone talks shitty television. They talk growing vs loving and everyone shares the particular version of trash entertainment that they consume before hitting "Top of the Hour" to answer some Qs. Dana and Brittain talk self-love and how it manifests in your relationships with others, Dana shares a little about her background, all the places she's lived and how that's shaped her before they laugh at a show about awful, passive-aggressive tattoos. Mike brings through some podcast notes and they talk death and the disposal of loved ones, Montreal rappers, and social media being stinky, and Dana uses her synesthesia to describe the smell of some sounds and tells us a bit about what it feels like. They talk lying by omission and name unproblematic white people before talking the senses and how intimately smell is linked to memory and emotion. To close out, Dana and Markings share an argument they'd had that morning and talk road-testing a new relationship before the group breaks down the limits of what is white and talk being in love with someone's smell.    

Anderson .Paak - Trippy (Featuring J. Cole)
BbyMutha - Toxic
Capleton - Jah Jah City (Featuring everybody)
Danileigh - Blue Chips