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S02e36 sees Mike and Brittain welcome writer / journalist and music critic Erik Leijon to the Lasers podcast! To kick off, they talk cannabis going corporate before Erik gives some insight into his process when covering music and his approach when it comes to critique. They move on to the Post Malone apocalypse (a-post-calypse) before talking how to find new music, the problems with the big playlists, whether writers can still break artists and then tear down Justin Timberlake. They play ‘Genre Reveal Party’ and Erik talks being fancy on the Polaris Prize Jury, the diversification of his writing portfolio and what’s going on with the indie bands of yore before they hit ‘Top of the Hour’ to answer some Qs. Mike and Erik talk a lil about their Swedishness and the glory of Stockholm and then everyone talks roving packs of dogs, International edition. To close out, Erik draws his self-portrait as he shares some of his wedding prep and Mike runs through some ‘podcast notes’ that they discuss before examining New York’s stranglehold on hip hop’s narrative. laaaAASERSSSS!!

Amel Larrieux - For Real
Jidenna - Bambi
Wye Oak - Holy Holy
Jessica Lea Mayfield - Run Myself Into the Ground