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S02e35 is here and it has Mike, Markings and Brittain back to talk that talk and make some jokes and stuff. It kicks off with discussion around the benefits of modern conveniences before Markings teaches Mike and Brittain about the guayabera shirt and everyone talks achieving balance when monetizing your passions. They discuss cool and take it down to the studs before hitting Top of the Hour to answer random questions. Moodboards get taken to task as they analyze how they’ve become crutches in creativity before Mike tells the tale of how a pair of drop crotch pants almost ruined everything. They discuss disruptors in marketing and being willing to go all the way for what you believe in and then pick favorites from the classic New England designers before Mike runs through some ideas and they examine some of his most controversial opinions. Next up, they dig a lil deep into streetwear and take a closer look at expensive underwear and the psychology behind them before Brittain shares her desire to dress her future kids like sailors against their will. They explore the world of Super Mario Brothers, including the awful movie that was made and Markings’ love for the character who shares his name and move on to the importance of teaching gender non-conforming to the children to make sure they grow up good. To close out, they talk psychology runs everything around me before sharing parting words on Steph Curry, mixed babies, childhood trauma (lol), and entrepreneurship. Lasersssss :)))))

Vince Staples - Tweakin’
Los Terricolas - Los Innocentes
Redman - Creepin’
Kendall Morgan X Denitia - Fadin’
Glasses Malone - May 1st