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S02e34 features a compilation of previously unheard conversations from a few of our favorite episodes this season thus far. Conversation kicks off as Mike, Jay and KC consider how to save baseball from its inevitable demise before Markings explains to Mike and Miro LaFlaga how to know when it’s time to let go. Next up, Lex Garcia and Markings discuss how to really really be an ally, Brittain, Markings and Mike talk a lil about addiction and Mac Miller’s unfortunate passing and Jay talks weed strains. Miro LaFlaga and Markings take a closer look at kufis before breaking down some of the highs in Miro’s career and talking why it’s important to acknowledge wins and set goals while growing. Lex Garcia talks about influencing the youth and how quick these new kids are coming up before Mike, Jay and KC speak on Louis CK’s bad behaviour and Mike, Markings and Miro discuss the end of the blogs. To close out, Mike and KC explain curation to Jay, Miro LaFlaga talks everyone being a brand and the cyclical nature of fashion and Jay talks porn and then his stock portfolio.

Takeoff - Last Memory
Freddie “5ive” de Andrade - Drummers Beat (Demo)
James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream
Wye Oak - Glory
Big Mike - Havin’ Thangs (Featuring Pimp C)
Gabor Szabo - Love Theme from Spartacus
Tree - All
cannonhead - Iceland
Rosa Lee Hill - Rolled and Tumbled