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S02e27 features Markings back as co-host as he and Mike welcome writer / artist / media personality Lex Garcia to the Lasers podcast! They kick things off by talking how Lex and Markings met and then examine latinos deciphering latinos and what role race plays in hispanic households. Mike wonders how the rest of Latin America views Brasil, they discuss the glory of Guatemala and talk fighting as kids and a little bit adults too. They hit Top of the Hour to answer some questions, discuss it being your own people and then growing up latino. Lex recalls an evening with Coeur de Pirate and mispronounces Dutty Rock for everyone’s enjoyment, they talk slang, and disagree a little on Junot Diaz. Lex Garcia shares his reasoning behind living sober, Markings tells a sax story and Mike shares some wisdom on psychedelics. Lex explains why he pulled down his socials as he draws his self-portrait, breaks down a couple of his upcoming projects and they discuss the twitter eco-system. To close out they talk humbling oneself through removing facial hair, rules for echos and denim shorts with dads. Lasers Lasers!

Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long
YNW Melly - Melly the Menace
Conway the Machine - Wraith -ful
The Distillers - Dismantle Me (Acoustic Version)
YNW Melly - Mama Cry