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S02e26 welcomes Jay and KC back to the show to investigate the new graffiti that’s suddenly appeared on the studio door and also make jokes in between. They kick off by bemoaning the end of Summer, examining their carbon footprint and talking possible pivots in podcasting that they could explore. Things start to get serious in their deep dive into the graffiti - ie numerology gets thrown around - while Jay and Mike defend sex work and the Lasers explore backtracking on technology. They talk curating and what goes into the vintage clothing business, tell a story of how KC saw Jay’s privates and hit Top of the Hour for question time. They get deep into their theories on the door doodles and start to connect the dots before exploring the artist lifestyle and whether the abdication of duties is a necessary evil or a convenient perk. They discuss Jay’s white privilege, Mike’s most controversial opinions and touch upon domestic violence before closing out with an appreciation for Filipino culture. Lasers!