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S02e28 features Markings back with Mike to welcome vintage clothing seller Brittain as a co-host to the show! They kick off by talking Montreal and whether the low cost of living turns out bums, move on to the horrible horns in the Joe Budden Podcast and explore the extent to which Markings and Mike dabbled in battle rap. They discuss the Montreal art scene, Brittain unveils her theory on Quebec’s white rappers before conversation turns to appropriation and respecting the source in culture. They appreciate Mac Miller for a moment, Brittain tells an embarrassing snap pants story from her past and Mike and Markings examine their shared dream more closely. They talk animosity in personal/professional relationships and whether there’s a place for it when warranted, toxic masculinity and whether women have any role to play in its propagation and men blaming women for not wanting them. They move on to gossip, emotional outbursts, calling people like they are (sometimes shitty), and then why certain people should shut up about certain things. Brittain breaks down some style stuff, celebrates YG and talks Fall trends before they fondly reminisce upon the way way too big clothing of yore. To close out, they talk conditioning in relationships, whether love is just our relationships with our parents but better, and favorite Jay-Z lines as they unveil their portraits.

Kanye West - I Love It (Lil Pump)
Prince - 17 Days (Piano and Microphone 1983 Version)
Mac Miller - 2009 (Tiny Desk Performance)
Scarface - In Cold Blood
Joey Purp - Aw Sh*t