In episode 13 of Lasers on the Ride the gang welcomes Montreal rapper and frequent collaborator Shogun to the podcast.  Things kick off with Jay suggesting a way of giving back to the community that naturally involves penis before discussion shifts to the much-maligned “dress code” rules of the early and mid aughts. Shogun teases Akil with the idea of “Marvel Comics”-centric episode of Lasers and Mike reveals his thoughts on the Rza and Vancouver. Shogun speaks on the hidden racial attitudes in the city before metro stations are pitted against one another and Mike attempts to prepare the guys for an eventual zombie apocalypse. To wrap it up the Lasers tackle guns, violence, the consequences of said violence, and why “Braveheart” is trash.



Wu-tang Clan - Tearz

Shyhiem - Dust Juice

Some Classical Shit

Miike Snow - Animal

Redman - Pick it Up

Redman - Whateva Man

The First Edition - Just Dropped In (to See What Condition My Condition Was in)

Makaveli - Me and My Girlfriend