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S02e66 has been birthed and is ready to make your acquaintance guys! They kick things off by examining Markings’ tardiness and discuss whether it’s better to support blindly or be honest with your peoples before talking the general climate of disrespect of rappers and the genesis of that stuff. They discuss the relative merits of producers, rappers and engineers and who’s really getting their just desserts out here before talking the benefits of micro-doseing for mental health and productivity and hitting Top of the Hour for Q&A our way. They discuss their worst personal eras and what it means to be down and out before playing a how well do you know your co-host game. Brittain and Markings receive a copy of the Healthy Co-Host Handbook (trademark, obviously) from producer Mike before going over some respective podcast notes and discussing the goats that never were. To close things out, they workshop some possible podcast ideas, take a look at Mike’s shade and give some last words (of wisdom) for the week. Lasers!!

UMI - Remember Me
SiR - Hair Down (Featuring Kendrick Lamar)
Chubby Checker - Stoned in the Bathroom
cannonhead - Plans (Instrumental - Unreleased)
Doja Cat - Juicy (A COLORS Show)