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S02e65 is out yall! Lucky number 65 or something like that. They talk extreme celebrity reactions, being multilingual and rolling your Rs before deciding once and for all whether Vlad is the feds. They examine preferred designations, the mixification of the population moving forward and the future of Tekashi post snitching. They take whiteness to task and discuss the extent of its ills before hitting ‘Top of the Hour’ for Q&A things and talking ethics in the parent and child dynamic. They discuss the who what wheres of a Lasers cider, Mal on a stool and thinking you’re old when you’re not before moving on to the ethical questions surrounding birthing children given the possible end days scenario we’re currently looking at. To close out they examine a fight for power amongst the Lasers, get meta about the point of it all, and sad about the sweet sorrow of saying goodbye. Lasers!!!

Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence
Joe Brown and The Soul Eldorados - Vibration Pt 2
Evelyne “Chapagne” King - I’m in Love
Bob Marley - Turn Da Lights Off (Featuring Lauryn Hill)
Norah Jones - Travelin’ On