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Oh bebe it’s s02e51 and it’s a b-sides episode, full of unearthed conversations from previous episodes strung together to form one long auditory sausage for yall. It kicks off with some Maky Lavender speak on Superman being problematic and opening for other rappers before the Lasers discuss the difference between inspiration and thievery when creating. They talk being under the influence with Erik Leijon, paper trails and finance with Freddy Lloyd and real friends vs rap friends with Maky before Brittain refuses to accept nerdom. They speak music criticism and new rappers with Erik Leijon, stream farms and fast fashion with Lil Lonely, and burning cocaine lol with Cyber. They talk Dunn’s, cats and stacking cash with Maky and the value of nostalgia amongst themselves before taking a look under the hood of art journalism in the city with Erik. To close out, the Lasers discuss getting grooves back and women no longer taking Ls before Freddy Lloyd breaks down his current projects and they examine the purpose of debate when some things just aren’t up for discussion. Nerds and Viggo Mortensen then catch a bad one. Lasers fakers!

Mozzy - Don’t You
Yaardcore - Ready Now
Rhye - Green Eyes
No idea
Pip Blom - Truth