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S02e50 is here - that’s half a century my dude, aka a big frigging deal, and we take the opportunity to get a lil personal! They kick things off with Markings reluctantly sharing his feelings on his feelings and talking just being exhausted man before he and Mike talk disappointing your immigrant parents and everyone talks trying to get to where they’re going while the going is still good. They talk a lil bit of basketball and balancing responsibilities and then give a lil bit of insight into where they’re all at on their respective paths before Mike and Markings explore the importance of not faking it in your raps. They hit ‘Top of the Hour’ just for fun and talk motivation in creative fields and doing it to be the best vs doing it just to do it and workshop ways to quit your job but still collect the government cheese you need to start your own thing. They talk talking sex, anniversaries, google ads and owning domains before Markings talks the extent to which he likes private parts and everyone discusses the importance of down time to recalibrate the being. To close out, they explore the Berenstain Bear debacle, archetypes and predicting behaviour and then get super serious about branding. Tra-la-la-la-lasers!!

Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better
Flip Dinero - Leave Me Alone
Boogie - Swap Meet
Chance the Rapper - Groceries (Featuring TisaKorean & Murda Beatz)
Rubba - Zig Zag
Claude Vasori - Rivages
Billy Paul - (Don’t Know)