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S02E32 is the Fattaloween episode of Lasers on the Ride and Mike welcomes Jay and KC back for the occasion. They kick off by talking the provenance of Canada’s hockey heart and then rank spooky stuff before everyone shares their scariest experiences. Jay shares a bad bank experience and wonders why tellers tend to be pretty before they hit Top of the Hour and pick scary songs. They tell international cockroach stories, talk the nature of fear, and KC tells a spooky tale you’d have to see to believe before Mike hits them both with an ultimatum. Jay recommends a scary movie while KC tries to keep him grounded and they talk celebrities’ haunted stories and then just bad vibes, man. Jay contemplates sex with animals under apocalyptic conditions, they talk the big questions like good and bad and god and stuff and Jay and KC draw self-portraits for us. To close out, they talk what comes after, going inward, literally, and unveil their drawings. Happy Halloween and Laaaasers!

Ghostface Killah - Camay (Featuring Raekwon & Cappadonna)
Karen Elson - Ghost Who Walks
Cage - Agent Orange
Kanye West - Monster
Built to Spill - I Would Hurt a Fly
The Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian
cannonhead - This Place is Built (Sugar Hill Remix)