Ooooooof, this. This. This. This is the type of sh*t that gets passed a whole bunch of people, some of whom are paid specifically to not let this kind of sh*t get passed, and then once it becomes clear that it was a bad idea, everyone wonders how it happened in the first place.  Also, let’s face it, this is some white people sh*t. This is what I know about it: a book was published by the same name, which I believe makes no reference to the event at hand but rather uses the word as an allegory of sorts for personal tragedies or disasters in the author/character’s own life. The clothing brand then partnered with the author, and I guess publishing house, to cross-promote and release a limited edition sweater with the tag. And here is where red flags should have gone up. For, without the context of the book, the sweater seems pretty f**king inappropriate. Even within the context of the book, the tag plastered on a sweater for no other reason than it being there, seems poorly thought out. Now I know it’s not cool to be pc and it’s certainly not cool to call out a local brand that was no doubt well-intentioned. But this also seems uncool to me, so what can you do? The proceeds go to oxfam and that’s cool but making light of a mass-killing is decidedly less cool. Also the sweater isn’t that nice, but sh*t, I guess that’s beside the point.  Why do we keep making these mistakes? I saw a whole bunch of people online, either blind to or uninterested in the inherent sh*ttiness of the concept but thankfully I saw a few, far fewer, who took offense. It seems so clear and yet it’s not. I won’t go into the fact that ‘moi’ is me in French. Truthfully though, I’m not even as mad at them for putting it out there as I am at those who buy this sh*t and have the cojones to wear it.