I thought it was understood that horace had to wear his goggles at all times. How do we know that's not harvey?

As rosenberg even mentions in the interview, horace unfortunately is one of those people who played way too close to greatness and as you can probably guess, they spend this entire thing talking about michael jordan. Man I f**king hated michael jordan. The first basketball game I ever watched was between chicago and new york. It seemed like the whole world was rooting for chicago so instinctively I went with new york. I was so loyal to my knicks fandom that after such a protracted period of heart break, I had to stop watching basketball altogether. But during those years when I was still stanning for john starks/allan houston, one thing remained a constant, michael jordan was such a piece of sh*t. Watching the knicks go up against him was like getting jumped in a gang or some sh*t. You prayed for an alternative but you knew what was going to happen. It's as if he just willed it, like he controlled the energy in the arena. Sometimes I think it was my first introduction to nihilism. There really seemed to be no point. No team was safe. Now that I think about it in hindsight though, I kind of get it. What was the point of being a fan of anyone other than chicago? we all knew who was winning in the end. Some of us hoped otherwise but in our prematurely embittered hearts we knew.

All that to say, from what I've seen this season, steph curry is probably the goat.