Our new shit! This track might have the fastest turnaround from creation to release we've ever had. Which is dope cause the last song was probably more than five years old. Think about that. That shit's ridiculous. I made this beat after deciding that none of the songs we have stashed were the "right" song, which means it was a furious session (in either late january or early february - whatever) fueled by wine, weed, and ghosts. I recall pretty much finishing it (80%)  before i either got discouraged or bored, which despite sometimes being the same thing, in this case was not. It does occur to me the absurdity of making such a fine distinction when i don't remember which one, but here we are. I left the studio and cast the whole ordeal aside and by the time i showed up to the studio the next morning jay had pretty much written this whole shit right here. If you're wondering what the sound effects at the beginning and end are, let me set the scene...

1. Snowstorm

2. Space


3. Imploding into a black hole

4. Snowstorm again

Also, if you're wondering if the track is available for purchase somewhere, motherfucker it's available for purchase everywhere.