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S02e49 is out and the Lasers are cheesed to welcome singer/songwriter Meryem Saci to the podcast to share wisdom and make funnies! They jump right in the stuff and talk Gary Vee and the value of making mistakes early before Meryem tells us a lil about her path and background and Mike tells us we’re gonna live forever. They talk coming of age and navigating your dreams and accountability to self before accountability to others and hit Top of the Hour for fun and games stuff. They call out some fake glass usage amongst them and everyone compares power of vision before talking J-Lo’s abilities and the usefulness of selfies and knowing thyself while Meryem tackles her self-portrait. They talk adulting and growing up vs just getting older and what the hell’s the difference before Mike compliments Meryem Saci’s self-portrait (signature) and they explore access to info, staying ready, staying grounded, and final words. Fasers!!

Aldous Harding - The Barrel
ScHoolboy Q - Tales
Jessie Mae Hemphill - Standing in My Doorway Crying
Petey Pablo - Took Care of Them
Nipsey Hussle - Summertime in That Cutlass
Club Kuru - By the Windowpane