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S02e47 welcomes singer/songwriter Maryze to the podcast for everyone’s collective enjoyment!! They kick off with a lil bit of astrology content and talk kids and drugs and getting to the bag early before Maryze talks the moon and Brittain talks interconnectedness. They discuss music production and being self-sufficient in creation, especially as a woman in music, and then hit Top of the Hour to reveal some truths. They discuss taking accountability in life, both at the micro personal level and at the macro socio-political-economic one, and the best way forward in re-establishing a lil bit of balance in the world. Maryze shares her musical likes, they talk Grimes’ bananas concept for her new project and examine the particularity of listening to music when making your own. They discuss the different spanish dialects and not understanding the DR before Maryze does her self-portrait and shares a lil about her approach to the big things in life. They close out by examining a balanced life and how to not get caught up in work, especially when entrepreneuring, and how important it is to maintain an identity outside of your profesional one before Maryze, currently on tour, shares a tale of a bad performance and everyone gives some final thoughts on joy, last names and religion (deep stuff). Lalalalalalalasers!

Billie Eilish - Xanny
Boogie - Time (Featuring Snoh Aalegra)
Maryze - Soft
Lykke Li - Breaking it Up (Live)