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S02e54 is here and entertainer/comedy producer Tyler Lemco comes through to keep the Lasers company and talk life stuff. To kick things off Tyler shares a lil about his current projects before everyone examines the reality of seed money and then the pains of selling (it burns!!). Tyler shares his new comedic pursuit and how a lil bit of coaching is getting him to where he needs to be before Brittain talks entrepreneur school being a real thing and everyone talks making what you like in order to truly succeed. They hit ‘Top of the Hour’ to answer some questions, explore drug use to become a better person and talk early crushes and the acute pain of unrequited love as a teen. They discuss bombing and getting better at being uncomfy before Tyler talks a lil about coming full circle with Epic Meal Time and Mike and Tyler share their respective lists. They talk potty humour and the hilarity that ensues, the miracle that is the bidet and the craziness of that Kavin Spacey video that hit youtube last year. To close things out, Tyler starts a self-portrait while everyone bemoans the idea man, talks last meals and explores the persona in entertainment and where to draw the line. lasers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aldous Harding - Blend
Barney Artist - Calm Down
Wyclef - The Gambler Remix (Featuring Kenny Rogers & Pharoahe Monche)
Aimee Mann - It’s Not
Everly Brothers - All I Have to Do is Dream