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S02e48 is here and the Lasers welcome youtube personality/gamer Bunty King to the podcast!! They kick off with space talk (would you go, are you scared, are there aliens) before Bunty King talks important issues in gaming and everyone gets deep on AI and puts it into a larger context before disagreeing on Mr Musk. They talk character building through fighting before Bunty shares a tough time and getting through it and everyone agrees that communication in relationships is key, shout out dolphins. They take a look at the impetus behind gaming before they hit Top of the Hour for Q&A and Bunty King gives us some insight into the philosophy behind his youtube and the pitfalls to being shocking online. Bunty King tells a tourism tale and Mike kicks off a gaming game where they try to differentiate the real from the figments of Mike’s imagination and Markings tells us about being excited for the summer of tennis ‘19. They cover hispanic appropriation by white ladies posturing as spanish before discussing the perils of comparing oneself to one’s peers and workshopping dream games that they would bring to market. To close out, Bunty King shares what he likes about gaming and why before they examine some of the darker sides of the lifestyle and Bunty King struggles through his self-portrait. Laters!!!!

Concussion Protocol (Original Film Soundtrack)
Beyonce - Haunted
Wyclef Jean - Bubblegoose
Westside Gunn - KARL