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S02e30 has Brittain back to co-host with Mike as they welcome singer CYBER to the podcast to talk all things artistry and other stuff too. They open up by discussing wine, pros and cons, and then examine what it takes to go local to worldwide as an artist in Montreal. Cyber talks about what making it means to her and the group discusses repping the suburbs and living at home forever (and ever). They talk artistic integrity and compromise and balancing the two to achieve those big ol’ dreams before Brittain tries to convince Mike and Cyber to share some unreleased music and Mike explains why he hates to play demos. They talk Frank Ocean and SZA and melodies in modern Rn’B and then compare/contrast Michael Jackson and Prince before Cyber generously shares a demo that she’s working on and they talk vocals. They do Top of the Hour to answer some Qs before Mike and Cyber commiserate over the process and talk how to deal with the business end of music. They choose favorite contemporary singers, Cyber plays Fudge It Pick a Record! and they discuss the impact of Lemonade, the album not the drink. To close out, Cyber draws her self-portrait while Mike reveals his ego-maniac tendencies and they talk the perils of the underground (malls). Laserssssssssssssssss.

Amel Larrieux - I Do Take
Patti Drew - Tell Him
CYBER - Sugar Free (Working Title)
Jack Harlow- Sundown
Emiliana Torrini - The Birds
Monifah - Touch It
Jupiter’s Children - This Is All I Ask