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s02e60 has hit the proverbial streets for your greedy butts. It kicks off with talk of going fugue and what it means to really lose it before taking a look at Nas and self-loathing. They cover cross-overs and flows and hit ‘Top of the Hour’ for that Q&A content everyone’s after before taking a hard pass on neighborhood pride in hip hop. They touch upon the ol’ early announcement, where you gas an upcoming project before it’s done only to never release it, and examine the use of restraint, the nostalgia of ads and the number of exes each Laser has had. They disagree a lil on artistic altruism and the benefits of mentorship and then examine pretension in all its forms. To close out, they speak on Logic’s racial make-up, paying it forward, whatever it is, and get geeky about calendars via menstruation. Lasers!!!

Wizaard - Green Dollar Bills (Slumgod Remix)
Akinyele - Fuck Me for Free
Nas - Jarreau of Rap (Skatt Attack)
Maxo Kream - Meet Again
The Alchemist - Fork in the Pot (Featuring Conway, Schoolboy Q, and Westside Gunn)