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S02e56 is out and it’s a fun one! To kick things off they workshop Brittain’s racial make-up and then move on to a specific fetish (it’s farts) before discussing racial data. They talk being vulnerable, telling the full truth in your relationship, and the extent of shittiness of human beings before moving on to podcast lists and Freddie Gibbs’ new project. They examine gear, and the ability to do good work on bad equipment, before talking those masters that got burned up and hitting Top of the Hour for some questions and inevitable answers. They talk Canada’s love for Kawhi, YG’s love for hard-bottoms and then disagree on what work actually is before weighing a cute face over a good conversation and teaching menstruation to the kids. They talk penis measurements of all kinds, twitter over instagram and the problem with photos these days *shakes fist*. Blazers!!!!

Nickelus F - Laced Weed
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Situations
Mereba - Stay True (A COLORS SHOW)
Lion - You’ve Got a Woman
Emiliana Torrini - Today Has Been OK (Montreaux Performance 2005)