In episode 19 of Lasers on the Ride, the Lasers prepare for the arrival of their guest and also the microphone they desperately need for his use.  First things first the Lasers attempt to fashion a fun game for him and Mike tells of how he once upon a time closely examined the data and predicted the downfall of a video game giant. The Lasers discuss the Troy Ave/Taxstone saga/telenovela, vacation spots and then teexxx meeexxxx before moving on to the soiling of pants and laxatives. Jay tells of how his radio prof once made the class listen to the racist relic that is Amos ‘n’ Andy without acknowledging the glaring issue at hand and Mike talks taco bowls and black Mexicans.



Gene Ludwig - Blue Flame

The Cure - In Between Days

The Pixies - Where is My Mind

The Replacements - Can’t Hardly Wait (Demo?)

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - Down Fo My Thang

Prince - I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man

Motley Crue - Girls, Girls, Girls

Styx -  Mr Roboto (in reverse)

Europe -  Final Countdown

Rae Sremmurd - By Chance