Everyone's favorite bon vivant idiot savant is going to go ahead and direct/star in the zola story. You might remember the "zola's story", it swept through twitter like a motherf**king brush fire sometime in the recent past? If you allow me to summarize for time, the one lady meets this other lady and they go down to florida with two fellas and everyone has a great time. Great time meaning tricks are turned, guns are shot, and boyfriend's are cuckolded. Who else but franco could make a film about the most popular thing we all forgot about? I was just trying to figure out if he's going to play the african dude or the stripper chick. Franco's got the world by the f**king balls man, I'll tell you that. He's the kind of guy that won't understand any of your jokes but he'll laugh at them while secretly thinking they make no sense. At one point the world thought this fella was a serious actor. Hahahahaha. He definitely still thinks he's a serious actor. That's why I like him though, that despite-all-evidence-blind-confidence. I always had to work on something until I felt I was capable enough in it before I could find that glow, this dude pops out of his hyperbaric oxygen chamber just stunting.