I think this might be good. Rhymefest was doing all the radio/internet interview rounds awhile back when that "chiraq" movie was coming out. He made a lot of good points about spike lee being a d*ckhead. If you don't know rhymefest, the short of it is that he's a rapper, he's a smart motherf**ker, and he's been with kanye from the very beginning* though he was/is? signed outside of g.o.o.d music. I once saw or read a good story about his friends wanting to beat up a teenage kanye the first time they met him because the teenage kanye was soft and an arrogant asshole. It's been a long time but kanye never get's his credit for how he blew up and tried to put on for every chicago artist you could think of, I mean he had a whole chicago rap industry signed to g.o.o.d music itself. I read a piece about this documentary before showtime got involved and I remember being really intrigued and captivated but it had no distribution so I resigned myself to never seeing it. I might be a little bit of a defeatist.

* He even wrote on a bunch of kanye songs throughout his career. It looks like all that is over with though. On the other hand I guess you can never tell, buddies will be buddies right?