Montreal singer/songwriter/producer (also frequent cannonhead collaborator) The Youngness, formerly NKLA, just smoke-bombed us with a new EP entitled "Black Moods". This 4 song instrumental collection showcases The Youngness's elite production range with beats that will make you do shoulder dances while deciding if today will be the day you finally launch yourself off the Jacques Cartier bridge. Montreal winters build character and more often than not that character develops a bad habit of chain-smoking cigarettes with a perma-scowl usually hidden under racks of MOOG gear. In MTL that’s what we like to call “Un bon plan d’action”. For his last official release as NKLA, The Youngness delivers a pleasantly depressing soundtrack for a cold February evening. When the sun goes down at 4pm and the only thing you can do until you go back to bed is look out the window of your filthy studio apartment and say "F**k thaaaat sh*t, I'm stayin' in and making beats".