Truth is that montreal has had various moments in the sun. There was the era when we were the go to city if you wanted some pretentious indie rock music. There was also the montreal beatmaker boom from a couple years back, though that may still be happening, I couldn't tell you. Unfortunately though, ever since I stepped off the plane from north carolina like 15 years ago the rap scene has been stagnant and truthfully, generally untalented. It's definitely worth pointing out that I'm strictly talking about the english rap scene. I have no real gauge as to the quality of french rap because, well, I never listened to it. This is for several reasons but the two most important ones are,  A: I don't speak french and B: Their flows were terrible. Here we are in 2016 though and it looks like we're finally coming into our own. In fact we got a bunch of people who are actually doing some real good sh*t. I was inspired to do this mix/blend after I began seeing some montreal compilations popping up around the internet. The problem was that I wasn't seeing any of my sh*t on them. I don't want to go full kanye or anything but the idea of a montreal rap conversation without me involved is laughable. It should be noted however that I'm not laughing. Anyway, here it is, hope you dig that sh*t.