Remember when chuck inglish was in the cool kids?  They ended up being a weird group historically speaking, having the distinction of being one of those kinds of artists who never really took off in a major way and yet are silently responsible for huge shifts in culture. I wonder how many of those kinds of people have existed? it's hard to quantify, being that sneakiness is such an big part of it. The way the current hip-hop fan dresses is like a f**king straight line back to the cool kids. The way the average person dresses is a straight line to hip-hop. You do the math. In a world where people seem to be more concerned with fashion than any era I've been a part of, the cool kids should be gods. There should be statues erected in the streets with f**king 20 foot supras. Their breakout internet hit "black mags" dropped in 2007. Soulja boy's "crank that" dropped in 2007. Look at that sh*t! One time I was in a band with two punk dudes and I swear to god, the only rap music they seemed to know was the cool kids. I wasn't really with it at the time, too much nostalgia for a forward thinking motherf**ker like me. Yet here I am cosigning this track right here. I guess I just didn't relate to that other particular brand of nostalgia. This I can get behind. A 12 year old me wasn't riding bmx's, a 12 year old me was watching bass music videos and fantasizing about freaknik. I never figured out how to order one of the videos off the internet without alerting my parents, though in hindsight, I don't think it would have been a thing.