You know with all the stuff going on between meek and drake, it really kind of makes me think about how similar they are. Or at least how similar my experiences(/relationships?) are with them. I smoked weed and watched drake grow up on degrassi and I smoked weed and watched meek grow up rapping on youtube. I have a feeling that part of what meek can't stand about drake is a sensitivity that he might recognize in himself, kind of like how marvin gaye's father was probably a repressed homosexual and killed marvin because he thought he was waving around his freak flag too much. Meek is a street dude and as a street dude you can't really let everyone know everything is hurting your feelings, unless you shoot sh*t up all the time. When you're trying to rap you can't shoot sh*t up all the time, rapping on corners leaves you hella exposed. I knew a dude once who loved the original "slippin" and I always clowned him for it. That may have been more me than him though. This sh*t is everything I like about meek mill and one of my favorite versions of future.