David bowie was a g. He made the music he wanted to make, he dressed however the f**k he wanted to dress, and he slept with whoever he wanted to sleep with. I once saw him while speaking of the 70's, describe himself as a "closeted heterosexual", which is, hahahahaha. just like every person born post bowie, I was always aware of bowie. Truthfully though I never really listened to any of his sh*t until I saw the seu jorge covers of his songs in the film "the life aquatic". Despite not understanding a word, it was enough to entice me to delve deeper into his catalog. Since his death, a lot of interesting things have come out about bowie, but these are my favorites.

Bowie telling MTV they're full of sh*t.

Bowie telling coldplay their song song is weak.

hahahaha, you know, g shit!