In s01e44 the Lasers welcome Karma Atchykah, rapper/music businessman from Montreal and representative for Fool’s Gold member Shash’U. He breaks down his current situation and what he’s got going on before the Lasers get into christmas mode and plan a secret santa. Jay hands out a few television treatments for Karma to flex upon and the crew talks buff kangaroos pre-viral-kangaroo-video.  Karma speaks on a few of his current projects and gives boss advice (quantity over quality my dude he says) and recalls some lame jobs. He speaks on his Haitian background and the group discusses the cultural usefulness of certain movies and themes. Akil wishes it were ‘92 while Karma shares his modern take on learning and the group discusses the dos, donts and beauty of shrooms consumption while Mike loves LSD. Jay gets too deep about the meaning of the podcast and Karma explains the origins of his name and his thoughts on karma as concept. Jay brainstorms an eggnog business, Akil can’t change won’t change, and Jay cheats on his ol’ mistress nostalgia.